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Choose Bisley to add value to your business… The Bisley Group is a multinational marketer and distributor of quality industrial raw materials focussed on Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East
Aluminium Bisley has been a trusted supplier of raw materials to the Aluminium industry since the 1950's
Construction In Australia, Asia and the Middle East Bisley is a key supplier of raw materials for concrete admixtures and high performance concrete
Steel Bisley supplies bulk and specialty alloys, carbon products and other consumables for Steel
Refractory Bisley is a leading supplier of industrial minerals, chemicals and additives for the Refractory sector
Agrichemicals Bisley is an important supplier of trace elements and additives for the fertiliser industry
Foundry Bisley supplies a comprehensive range of alloys and additives for the Foundry sector
Water Treatment Bisley supplies chemicals for water treatment, chlorination of swimming pools and spas, and fluoridation of drinking water
Plastics Bisley supplies fire retardants and consumables for the wire and cable sector
Ceramics The Ceramics and Brick sectors rely on Bisley for a range of high quality pigments and additives
Logistics Getting logistics right is central to the customer value proposition

Our Value Proposition

We pride ourselves in our ability to add value and create synergies for our supplier and customer partners. Here’s how we go about it…

Our Guarantees

We believe it’s important to focus on what is most valuable to our customers and really stand by this - for the long term.  Here are a few of the things our customers rely on Bisley for…


Oil Platform

“We have enjoyed an enduring strategic relationship with Bisley based on value addition throughout the supply chain, from market intelligence to timely on the ground product support and logistics services tailored to the needs of our diverse customer base”

David Foo
VP Asia Pacific, Palabora Vermiculite Business, Palabora Mining Company Ltd.


Container Port

“For twenty years, Bisley has been not just a supplier, but a business partner, faithfully delivering top quality products to Lautan Luas’ door. Lautan Luas highly values the understanding, flexibility as well as the courteous service that Bisley has provided to us. We look forward to many more years of this invaluable relationship.”

Jimmy Masrin
Director, PT Lautan Luas Tbk

Our Network

Location Map

Established in 1955, Bisley’s office network spans Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Dubai,  servicing a diversity of customers across our regions.

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