The Bisley Group is a multinational marketer and distributor of quality industrial raw materials focused on Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and North America.


Bisley is an important supplier of trace elements and additives for the fertiliser industry.


Bisley has been a trusted supplier of raw materials to the Aluminium industry since the 1950’s.


Bisley supplies a range of specialty products for water sanitation and disease control.


The Ceramics and Brick sectors rely on Bisley for a range of high quality pigments and additives.


Bisley is a major supplier of raw materials for concrete admixtures, high performance concrete, drymix and plasterboard.

Food & Nutrition

Bisley provides a range of specialty ingrediants for F&B applications.


Bisley supplies a comprehensive range of allpys and additives for the Foundry sector.


We are a leading supplier of industrial minerals, chemicals, and additives for the Refractory sector.


Getting logistics right is central to the customer value proposition.


Bisley supplies bulk and specialty alloys, carbon products and other consumables for Steel.

Plastics & Rubber

Bisley supplies a range of fillers, flame retardants and more…

Water Treatment

We suppliy chemicals for industrial and municipal water treatment, chlorination of swimming pools and spas, and fluoridation of drinking water.


What We Do

Bisley deploys a holistic understanding of markets, technical insight and logistics excellence to build durable strategies which unite the world’s best raw material producers with industrial consumers in Australia/New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East and North America.








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