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Longevity and experience…

Bisley’s reputation and its staff are its two most precious assets.

The Company’s management and sales ranks are drawn from a diversity of professions including metallurgy, chemistry, marketing, finance and international economics. Bisley preferentially recruits locally, ensuring staff are familiar and at ease with the business environment, culture and language of the operating country.

Remarkably in today’s transient World, Bisley’s executive and product management team members average more than 15 years service with the Company. This brings a quality and depth of understanding of market and customer requirements that is second to none. Using this experience, our product management team strives not only to satisfy customer needs and expectations, but to anticipate them.

Bisley recognises the crucial importance of the Logistics role in the day to day customer experience of the Company. Emphasis is placed on effective collaboration between Sales, Logistics, Finance and other support staff to advance customer value delivery.


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