Lignosulfonates Agrichemicals

Lignosulfonates are water soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymers that are byproducts of the wood and bamboo pulping process. They are best known for their excellent dispersant properties and are used in a wide variety of processes due to their cost efficiency, renewability and versatility. Bisley has been selling lignosulfonates for over 25 years. 

Domsjö is the world’s second-largest producer of lignin powder and Bisley & Company (and its affiliates) are its business partners in Oceania, Asia and the Middle East.

Please see below for some more uses, categorised into divisions Bisley offers:

Agriculture (DA30 grade)

Lignosulfonates are used in agriculture for various applications including as a fertiliser dispersant, as a foliar nutrient supplement in fertiliser and as a soil chelate where the cation (positively charged ion) is the nutrient being passed through the plant. 

Stockfeed (DF40 grade)

In stock and animal feeds, lignosulfonates are used as a binder for pelletizing different materials, and they also promote healthy gastrointestinal functions. They aid adsorption of nutrients, increase the proportion of lean meats, promote wound healing and possess antiviral effects, among others. 

Construction (DS10 grade)

Lignosulfonates are used in concrete admixtures due to their plasticizing, water reducing and low air entraining properties which improves cement workability. They are used as an additive in coal water slurry and in crude oil drilling, as a viscosity reducing agent, reducing the energy consumption of both processes. Lignosulfonates are also used in the cement production process where they are used as a grinding aid and as a dust suppressant for roads. 

Oil & gas

Lignosulfonates are used in the oil and gas industry generally as a dispersant. They are used to deflocculate clays in drilling fluids and reduce viscosity in mineral slurries. An analogue is being researched for use in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) because it allows for improved sweep efficiency and reduces interfacial-tension in foams. 

Other uses

Lignosulfonates are also used in the production of plasterboard, paper and vanillin (artificial vanilla flavour). They are used to disperse pesticides and pigments into water and bind bricks, tiles, linoleum flooring and even roads because they don’t require water to bind. They are also used as a flame retardant, in lead acid batteries and sunscreen. 






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