Air Entrainers, Defoaming & Foaming Agents

Bisley & Co. supply air entraining agents for concrete admixture and plaster systems. Air entrainers produce a network of closed and finely divided bubbles required in freeze / thaw resistant structures. They can also be used to produce larger bubbles required to decrease the specific weight of structures.

Defoaming agents are best suited to eliminate entrained air in concrete & gypsum (plaster) systems. There are two types, one which is compatible with PNS and a second compatible with PCE.

Foaming agents can play a major role in reducing the density of the plasterboard (gypsum board), which allows for ease of handling, thermal insulation, sound proofing, shorter drying times and savings in raw material costs. By selecting the right type of foaming agent, line speed and production capacity can be enhanced, and consumption of aggregates reduced, both in standard board production and hydrophobic boards (“green” boards).

Gypsum Board Foaming Agents are used in gypsum plasterboard production to reduce weight and enhance processing speed. Bisley & Co supplies a product that is is a mixture of anionic and non-ionic foaming agents, giving a combination of fine, equally spaced and closed bubbles, with a small fraction of larger bubbles. Board weight can be reduced to 8,0 kg/m2 for 12 mm boards, without adverse strength impact.

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