Aluminium Casthouse Furnace Refractories

Bisley represent Gouda Refractories (Holland) and can supply a complete refractory lining for Holding and Melting Furnaces. Gouda can also undertake the necessary Refractory Engineering, and Lining Design. All Gouda require is the basic furnace parameters, and performance requirements.

In Europe, Gouda also maintain a Refractory Installation group, and so cover all aspects of Refractory utilisation in Aluminium Casthouse furnaces. Most years Gouda design, supply and install a Casthouse furnace lining every week of the year.

Outside Europe, Gouda can provide a Refractory Supervisor to oversee the installation of the furnace lining, which if packaged with a Gouda designed lining and refractory supply, guarantee the life and performance of the furnace lining in service (conditions apply).

Gouda’s supply range covers

  • Refractory Bricks (non-wetted by Molten aluminium)
  • Monolithic Linings (Castables)
  • Insulation Materials
  • Precast Shapes
  • Furnace Door Linings
  • Crucible Linings
  • Furnace Roof Materials

Specially designed for the Casthouse Furnace application.

Please contact Bisley if specific information is required regarding any aspect of Refractory use in Casthouse Furnaces.

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