External Anodes – “Commercial Anodes”

Most modern smelters produce the anodes required for their Pots on-site, in the Anode Plant referred to elsewhere.

However, on occasions, principally for Anode Baking Furnace rebuilds or upgrades, the production level of on-site anodes drops below the level required by Potrooms to maintain aluminium production.

On these occasions Smelters out-source anodes from sister plants, or purchase “Commercial” Anodes – External Anodes.

Working with our Principals, Aminco, Bisley has supplied upwards of 200,000MTS of External Anodes to the Australian smelters in the last 10 years.

Aminco anodes are manufactured in China, and the complete production process, from Raw Material selection (of CPC and Pitch), through to QA testing of the finished Baked Anodes, is supervised by R&D CARBON of Switzerland – prior to shipment of the anodes from China. Aminco anodes are truly “Swiss Engineering, made in China”.

Many of our smelter customers agree, reporting that the supplied external anodes perform extremely well relative to their own, in-house anodes.

Anodes are supplied to customers’ in-house anode specification or to a higher specification if required. Successful anodes with Sulfur levels down to 1.2% MAX have been supplied into Australia.

Smelters contemplating Increased amperage projects, have used Bisley to supply trial quantities of enlarged – new design anodes for extensive plant trials – rather than undertake expensive modifications to their existing anode forming equipment to produce the trial anodes in-house.

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