Aluminium Busbar Systems

Busbar Systems are made up of a number of basic components:

  • Cathode Busbar Components
  • Anode Busbar Components
  • Aluminium Busbar Expansion Flexes
  • Aluminium Busbar Welding Panels, Plates and Strips
  • Aluminium Busbar Wedges

Bisley can offer the full range of items required to construct a Busbar system in a new or existing Potline. This also includes Rectiformer connections to the main Busbar. Lefebvre Engineering, our Principal, can also offer Supervisors for the installation of the Busbar equipment, particularly under “Live” Potline environments.

To obtain the highest level of Electrical Conductivity in Aluminium, it is mandatory that the Aluminium be Horizontally Cast – to obtain the Directional Grain Structure which minimises the Resistance to High Intensity Electrical Currents passing through the Busbars.

As well the Aluminium must be extremely “clean”, and contain very Low Contents of Elements which affect the Electrical Conductivity of the Aluminium Conductors, principally Titanium, Vanadium, Manganese and Chromium.

Busbars are Horizontally Cast in two principal grades, EW-AW 1370A and EW-AW-1350A.

Bisley represents Lefebvre Engineering, a Busbar manufacturer which has two manufacturing sites:

  1. Two Horizontal Casting Furnaces and ancillary equipment at Sohar in Oman. The Sohar Aluminium Smelter despatches full ladles of molten Aluminium from the Potrooms directly to the Casters which produce a full range of Busbar widths and thicknesses in Grades 1370A or 1350A – as specified by the customer smelters.
  2. A large Precision Machining, Cutting, and Slitting facility located in the UAE Sheikdom of Sharjah, about one hour’s drive from Dubal (Dubai). The Busbar Items are finished to high tolerances and are surface finished, demanded for Busbar applications.

Lefebvre references recently include the supply, supervision and installation of Busbar Systems for the Alba Line 6 Project.