Start-Up Graphite Powder/ Granules

In modern smelter potrooms, strategically placed “piles” of High Purity Graphite Powder or Granules (0-6mm in size) are used to “start up” recommission a Pot after a reline/rebuild. The Pot is brought to operating temperature (990oC) by lowering the Anodes into contact with the Graphite Piles, sitting on the “dry” Cathode Block surface. Over a 24 hour period the Electric Current passing from the Anodes, through the Graphite to the Cathode is gradually increased, and the Pot is “baked out”. Once the Pot has reached 950oC, the Anodes resume their normal operating position and Molten Bath is poured into the Cathode – Anode cavity, at which point the Pot recommences to operate.

Bisley sources the Graphite material for 15 years from Cocan Graphite Mill Inc. in China. Bisley strongly believes and recommends this material will meet any requirement / specifications, always maintaining consistent quality with on-time deliveries.

Pots – Anode Assembly Stems
The Anode Stems conduct electric current from the Anode Busbar to the Anode Assembly “Spider”, which connects directly to the Anode (Carbon) Block.
Busbars Stems are manufactured from various sized sections of aluminium square bar, generally 1350A grade pure aluminium.
Lefebvre Engineering (UAE) are also supplying Anode Stems through Bisley.

Pots – Flexibles (Or Tails)
Lefebvre Engineering also manufactures Flexes. These items connect the Cathode Bar to the Cathode Busbar, which in turn conducts the electric current to the next pot in the Potline.

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