Cathode Bars or Collector Bars

Cathode Blocks (also known as Bottom Blocks)
Bisley has been involved in the sales and marketing of Cathode Blocks since 1970. We have previously been the agents for Pechiney Electrometallurgie (PEM) – now Aluminium Pechiney – and Carbone Savoie. However in 2014, Bisley entered into a new Agreement with Ukraine Graphite Corporation, for the Middle East region. Bisley’s sales grew from zero to approximately 5000 pcs per annum of Graphitised Cathode Blocks, into the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

In 2018, the Agreement was expanded to include Australia, New Zealand and Asian regions.
Bisley can offer the following grades / types:

  • Semi Graphitic
  • Graphitic
  • Graphitised
  • Impregnated Graphitised
  • Abrasion Resistant Graphitised

Sidewall Blocks
Sidewall Blocks are used in conjunction with Cathode Blocks, lining the vertical walls of the Pot, (whereas the Cathode Blocks constitute the Bottom (Horizontal) Lining of the Cathode Area).
A wide range of Grades and Sizes are suitable to accommodate any Pot Design.
The most commonly used are either Semi Graphite or Graphitic but Bisley can accommodate any requirement.

Ramming Paste
To seal Bottom Block and Sidewall Block joints, Ramming Paste is used to ensure the Cathode area is “water-tight”. This product completes the Pot Lining package – Cathode area specifically.
Bisley can offer a range of Paste types to suit any particular Pot Design, or application.

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