Bisley have been suppliers to the Plasterboard industry for over two decades.

A wallboard panel is made from a paper liner wrapped around an inner core consisting primarily of gypsum plaster. This deceptively simple construction disguises a plaster recipe which in practice, may be quite complex. Plaster may be mixed with fibers (typically paper and/or fiberglass), a plasticiser, foaming agents, finely ground gypsum crystal as an accelerator, EDTA, starch or other chelate as a retarder. Additional materials may be incorporated to enhance mildew and/or fire resistance (eg fiberglass), or to reduce lower water absorption ( wax emulsions and silanes).

Bisley offers dispersants / water reducers, accelerators, air-entrainers, de-foamers, and retarders amongst other products for the plasterboard sector. We stock many of these products in our Australian and overseas warehouses.

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