Bisley & Co supply several fibre or fiber types. In cementitious formulations fibers offer:

  • reduced shrinkage cracking
  • increased thixotropy for vertical adhesion; less sagging ( however also lower slump if not compensated for )
  • greater flexural strength
  • greater impact strength
  • higher compressive strength

PP Fibers

Bisley offers PP fibers in numerous lengths, diameters and various pack types. Polypropylene fibrillated fibers for readymix concrete are an effective option for secondary reinforcement. Mono filament fibers assist to mitigate plastic shrinkage cracking. Applications include flooring, and castables for refractory applications. Soft and coarse/rigid PP fibers are available.

PAN Fibers

This product is directed towards durability enhancement. PAN can increase the service lifetime of your products significantly. PAN fibers are very fine, rot-acid-alkali-solvent resistant, tenacious even in high temperatures. They are also highly efficient – a small dosage renders a disproportionate impact. For example, 0.8 kg fibers / m3 concrete can cause slump to disappear almost completely.

Typicalyl PAN fibers used in cementitious formulations are around 10 micron thick. Addition rates are often in the 0.05-0.1% range.

Alkali Resistant ( AR ) Glass Fibers

Alkali resistant (AR) glass fibers have used for decades to create elaborate architecture. They offer strong and durable performance in widely varying cement and mortar based applications, including flooring, renders, top screeds, tunnels and utility poles. They are manufactured with high Zirconia content in compliance with ASTM C1666/0 1666/M-07 and EN 15455.

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