Fire Resistant Oils & Lubricants

In selected markets Bisley represent Condat Lubrifiants (France) a producer of High Technology Hydraulic Oils, Lubricating Oils and Special Purpose Greases.

As well as supplying a range of Fire Resistant/Retardants, Oils and Greases to the Aluminium Industry, Condat supply special, often custom made materials for the European Aerospace, Nuclear, Defence and High Speed Rail Transport Industries.

Condat do not manufacture common mineral based oils or lubricants, rather they produce oils and lubricants designed for specific applications or purposes as utilised in severe, critical applications.

For the Aluminium Casthouse, Condat produce a range of both High Temperature, and Fire Resistant/Fire Retardant Oils and Greases. The materials will self-extinguish if the flame source is removed. Thus, fires are not sustained by this range of oils.

The principal applications in or around Aluminium Casthouse Furnaces are:

The Tilting Mechanisms and Casting Elevators, incorporated into Tilting furnaces.

  1. Hydraulic Door Mechanisms
  2. Furnace Feed/Tending Equipment
  3. Furnace Skimming Equipment
  4. Or wherever Hydraulic oils are used close to molten metal or high temperature surfaces.

The Condat D (HFdu) series of oils, as well as being Fire Resistant are also Non Toxic, and Biodegradable.

They are also FM Approved, which means the use of the CONDAT D materials can reduce the premiums the Casthouse pays for the insurance of equipment installed in the Casthouse – so reducing operating costs.

Other applications in the Casthouse are:

  1. Casthouse Overhead Cranes utilised to service the Casthouse Furnaces. Cranes use Hydraulic Systems and so carry/use Hydraulic oils, and spend much time in close proximity to both Liquid Aluminium at 750oC, and Furnaces/Hot surfaces operating above that temperature. New OH&S Workplace Regulations demand the use of Fire Resistant Oils used in these environments.
  2. Crucible Carrying Vehicles. All the oils and greases used on these units are exposed to high temperatures.
  3. Vertical Direct Chill (VDC) casting units. Pistons/hydraulic drive mechanisms for Mould Cavity Freezing.
  4. Homogenising Furnace Hydraulics and Tending units.

Condat also has a range of High Temperature Lubricants for Ingot Moulds, and Cutting Oils for Aluminium Sawing Application.

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