Industrial Chemicals & Minerals

Please note, not all products are available in all regions, please check with the local Bisley office for your requirements.

The Bisley group is active in a wide range of chemicals encompassing many end uses. Bisley caters for diverse customer requirements, from highly specialised products sold in drum lots, to liquids in IBCs, and multi thousand MT bulk cargoes.

Bisley is a leader in the supply of Alumina based chemicals into Australasian and S.E. Asian markets. Our range includes Aluminium Hydroxide, water treatment chemicals such as Aluminium Sulfate and specialty Calcined Alumina for a variety of applications.

We are the largest supplier and distributor of Lithium Chemicals to our home market in Australia, and to New Zealand. These compounds are used in diverse applications ranging from ceramics and lubricants, to concrete. Bisley has represented FMC-Lithium Division for over 25 years and services the Australian, New Zealand and selected Asian markets with indent and ex-stock Lithium compounds.

Bisley distributes a range of Molybdenum products including Molybdenum Oxide for steel and agricultural markets, Molybdenum Disulphide used by major lubricant manufacturers, and Sodium Molybdate for varied industrial applications and agricultural trace elements.

Bisley distributes high quality calcium carbonate for use in agriculture, household cleaning agents, paints and coatings.

Bisley supplies an extensive range of chemicals for use in water treatment, wood treatment, mining operations, plastic production, lubricant production and much more.

Bisley’s extensive Construction Chemical and Mineral range can be found in the Construction & Building Materials section.

Because logistics plays such a large role in successful distribution of basic chemicals, Bisley have developed expertise in shipping all forms of cargo – containerised, break-bulk and full bulk – hence minimising costs and maximising convenience to our customers. We hold local stocks of most products, ensuring prompt deliveries and security of supply.

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