What You Can Expect From Bisley


Efficient Logistics & Customer Service

We tailor our service delivery to the needs of individual customers, and respond as you would if you could be here, on the ground, in the markets we serve. We are expert in the efficient shipment, storage and distribution of raw materials on any commercial scale. We have warehouse storage capability in all of our market areas. We are committed to delivering business solutions appropriate to our customers’ needs.

Market Reach

Offices and multiple contract distribution facilities throughout Australia, Asia and the Middle East, and the capacity to handle everything from LCL speciality products to bulk shiploads. Our Supplier partners have the option to work with us in part of this Territory, or all of it, on a systematic co-ordinated basis.

Market Intelligence & Insight

Comprehensive industry knowledge that can only be gained from experienced staff on the ground, interacting with customers on a daily basis.


…in depth to major industry sectors such as Aluminium, Steel, Foundry, Welding, Water Treatment, Glass, Refractories, Ceramics, Construction, Rubber and Plastics.

Technical Competence

We understand the importance of Technical Marketing. We have specialised in-house expertise in a diversity of fields including aluminium technology, high performance concrete, food science, super durability refractories, advanced liquid fertilisers and sophisticated additives for plastics.


We believe that quality suppliers are most likely to achieve outstanding outcomes when they have access to the best market information. We will work with you in a spirit of open cooperation to achieve those outcomes.