Master Alloys

Aluminium master alloys come in a huge range of compositions and physical forms. Whether it’s master alloys of Si, Mn, Fe, Ti Cu or anything else, all are designed to simplify the addition of alloying elements in the Casthouse. Unlike alloying tablets, in master alloys the alloying element is already dissolved in an Al matrix allowing very rapid dissolution and high recovery.

Traditionally, master alloys were produced with relatively low levels of alloying element. These were easy to produce, but were generally less cost effective for the customer. Using advanced technology, Bisley is able to offer several master alloys in significantly higher concentrated forms, producing master alloys that provide customers with a cost advantage. Examples are AlSi alloys up to 50% Si, AlCu alloys up to 50% Cu and AlMn alloys up to 50% Mn. The use of concentrated master alloys provides all the benefits of master alloys, at a price point closer to the use of tablets.

Concentrated master alloys are also available in multi-alloy forms. See “CMA”.

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