Molybdenum Trioxide

Bisley & Company has 40 years experience in the supply of Molybdenum products, partnering some of the world’s leading molybdenum producers.

Molybdenum Trioxide is derived from molybdenum ores, most commonly molybdenite. Molybdenite is found all over the world however most commercial sources exist in the Americas and China.  Molybdenite is obtained from both primary and by-product mines.  Copper mining; for example, can yield substantial quantities of by-product molybdenite as a concentrate. Globally, most of this molybdenum concentrate is roasted to convert the sulphide to oxide, which is known as technical molybdenum trioxide 

In fertiliser systems, molybdenum is an essential micronutrient required by plants in very minute amounts. Molybdenum supports the essential metabolism of nitrogen and synthesis of protein. Of all the anions which are important to plants, molybdate is second only to phosphate. Soil that has no molybdenum at all is unable to support plant life. 

Molybdenum is applied in such small amounts that it needs a carrier to ensure optimal distribution, e.g. water. In dry systems, it is most effective when molybdenum is incorporated into seed coatings, as molybdenum trioxide, or when establishing or over-sowing pasture. 

Molybdenum Trioxide powder – commonly called Moly Oxide – finds various applications as a micronutrient in seed dressing for grass and legume-based pastures when establishing or over-sowing pasture. Also common in granulated fertiliser blends (e.g. molybdenum fortified superphosphates).

A number of grades are available suitable for various applications.

As with all nutrients, care is needed to ensure that the correct grade of molybdenum trioxide is applied which is indicated by key technical characteristics. For over 30 years Bisley has been on the ground with producers and growers, we understand molybdenum and our singular role is to help you to achieve optimal outcomes, both commercially and technically.  We welcome to discuss further with you.

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