How to Use Sisal Fibre in Concrete?

Sisal fibre, for many years, has dominated the agricultural sector as a twine due to its resistance to deterioration, strength, stretching ability, durability, and affinity for some dyeing compounds. Due to the properties of sisal, it’s now being use

How Is Calcium Carbonate Used in Food?

Calcium is found naturally in some food. This mineral is pertinent for your bone development and maintaining strong bones. Calcium carbonate can be used for people who have a calcium deficiency. People who can’t eat enough calcium-rich foods use calc

What Are the Fibres Used in Concrete

The construction industry uses fibre reinforced concrete (FRC) for various applications like pavements, airfield aprons and precast pipes. Different materials imbue the concrete with their properties, so the fibre choice is determined by the applicat

Is Zinc Borate Toxic

Zinc borate is non-toxic to humans; there aren’t any studies showing significant long-term effects from exposure. It’s toxic to aquatic life, so you need to dispose of it according to local regulations.