Sodium Thiocyanate is a water-soluble compound that is used across various industries. Its chemical formula is NaSCN, prepared by reacting cyanide with sulphur. In its physical state, sodium thiocyanate is colourless with white hygroscopic grains. It can also exist as a clear and colourless liquid. Here are the primary uses of sodium thiocyanate.

Uses of Sodium Thiocyanate

Sodium thiocyanate is an essential chemical used across various sectors, such as agriculture, medicine, manufacturing, and textile. The chemical can be an accelerator or be part of ingredients when preparing specific materials. Here are the primary uses of this compound:

  • Construction Industry

Sodium thiocyanate is used in the cement industry as an initial strengthening agent. The chemical enhances and strengthens bonding and acts as a grinding helper. Also, the use of sodium Thiocyanate prolongs the lifespan of cement. When preparing concrete, the chemical aids in accelerating hardening. So, it’s a critical setting accelerator in concrete admixtures.

  • Agrichemical Industry

Weeds and pests pose a significant change to agricultural production. Sodium Thiocyanate  is effective in preparing pesticides and herbicides for the sector. Its potency is unmatched as it destroys weeds and pests, aphids and thrips. As a powerful phytotoxic compound, sodium thiocyanate kills different herbs and pests within no time.

  • Use of sodium Thiocyanate  in Metallurgy

In the metallurgical industry, sodium Thiocyanate  has a wide range of uses. It can be used in electroplating, cyanide copper plating, and nickel plating. The compound can also be used in cyanide brass plating. Sodium Thiocyanate  is effective in metal coating and plating because it eliminates oxides, acting as a corrosion inhibitor. Metal plating with sodium Thiocyanate  gives them a shiny finish.

  • Polymer and  Fabric production

In the fabric production, sodium Thiocyanate Thiocyanate is applied as a staining and printing aid. It can create multiple hues, such as green and blue. Additionally, the chemical is used to create artificial balms and rubbers. Sodium Thiocyanate is an accelerating compound during the process of hardening rubber. It’s also an essential solvent in the manufacturing of specific polymers.

Dangers of Sodium Thiocyanate

Although sodium Thiocyanate has multiple use cases, it has attracted criticism for its potential health dangers. Research done on animals indicate that the chemical can cause cancer. The US has also identified the compound as a dangerous waste product.

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