Gypsum Retarder is derived from degraded amino acids and is available in liquid and powder forms. Its formulation is tailored to suit a wide range of gypsum applications, offering numerous advantages for gypsum-based products. This specialised additive brings several benefits to the table, including:

  1. Prolonged Initial Setting Time: Gypsum Retarder effectively delays the initial setting time of gypsum-based materials. This feature allows for extended workability and flexibility during the application process.
  2. Stable Rheological Properties: The addition of Gypsum Retarder helps maintain consistent and controlled flow properties in gypsum mixtures. This stability ensures easier handling and application of the product.
  3. Absence of Toxic Substances: Gypsum Retarder is formulated without the inclusion of any harmful or toxic substances. This attribute ensures a safer working environment and minimizes potential health risks.
  4. High Performance: The product is designed to enhance the overall performance of gypsum-based materials. By incorporating Gypsum Retarder, the final product can exhibit improved strength, durability, and overall quality.
  5. Biodegradable: Gypsum Retarder is an environmentally friendly option as it is biodegradable. This characteristic aligns with sustainable practices and promotes responsible product usage.

In Summary

Gypsum Retarder is a specific additive that is added to gypsum-based products to modify their properties. It is designed to extend the initial setting time of gypsum-based materials, improve their flow and workability, enhance their performance, and ensure stable rheological properties. Its purpose is to provide specific benefits during the application and curing processes.

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