Sodium Molybdenum is an essential mineral used across a variety of different fields, such as metalwork, manufacturing, printing, agriculture, and even health. Each industry benefits greatly from the use of sodium molybdate, but there are some general benefits to this mineral that are worth exploring.

Major Health Benefits

Sodium molybdenum can actually be found in a lot of foods in small amounts, such as dairy products or legumes, and even in your drinking water.

There are cases, however, when the diet doesn’t have enough molybdenum content, in which case you can find dedicated molybdenum supplements or even a mix of vitamins and minerals and other amino acids to add to your diet.

Some major health benefits of the substance include:

  • Preventing tooth decay
  • Preventing sulphite sensitivity, which can occur when you don’t consume enough molybdenum, which can lead to a decrease in sulphite oxidase, the substance that helps the body convert sulphite to sulphate;
  • Treating copper deficiency, etc.

However, high doses of the substance may lead to molybdenum toxicity, though the cases are rather rare in humans. Still, you should seek medical advice before you take any dietary supplements, especially long-term.

Great Results in Agriculture

Food and nutrition isn’t the only area where sodium molybdenum shines. Because it contains the highest amount of molybdenum in its best oxidation state, is highly soluble in water, and can be used in the fertilization process. Other similar compounds such as ammonium molybdenum, don’t showcase the same potential.

Additionally, sodium molybdate can also be used as a delivery vessel to give plants additional nutrients, which is why it’s common to see the substance across various types of agricultural practices.

It is one of the few chemicals in the entire industry that can provide essential micronutrients and help improve plant growth efficiently, and effectively. Plants require a relatively small intake of molybdenum to grow better and healthier, and additional nutrients can be easily absorbed thanks to the water-based formula.

In some cases, the chemical may be applied to the soil directly in soils found to lack a sufficient amount of molybdenum, particularly in acid soils that are known to lack this substance. Many use sodium molybdate to counter the effects of rather infertile soil.

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