Calcium formate is a free-flowing, white to yellow crystalline powder obtained from formic acid and calcium salt. It is an effective source of formate and calcium ions for aqueous systems. Calcium formate is one of the many compounds sold by Bisley & Company, a multinational distributor of top-quality raw materials in Australia. This compound is widely used as an agent in various aqueous applications, including the following:

Used as an Accelerator in Cement

Calcium formate is used as an additive to cement and grouts. It contains desirable properties that help decrease the cement’s setting time, prevent efflorescence and corrosion in metal substrates, and boost workability at low temperatures.

When combined with aluminium sulphate, calcium formate can produce alkali-free shotcrete accelerators, which facilitate an increase in early age strength development. Since high alkali cement can cause significant structural damage in concrete, the demand for alkali-free accelerators is on the rise.

Fire Retardant in Gypsum

Calcium formate can be used in gypsum boards to impart fire-retardant properties. It is added directly to wet calcium carbonate in a process referred to as wet flue gas desulphurisation to promote the development of gypsum when the exhaust is passed through it.

Gypsum plays a vital role in binding sulphur oxide components, which helps minimise their release into the environment through the exhaust. Calcium formate is an important flame retarding plasticisers that works better than other industrially used wet flue gas desulphurisation agents.

Used as an Additive in Plastics & Synthetic Resins

Calcium formate can also be used as an additive in plastics and synthetic resins to enhance the stability and production of synthetic resins and natural rubber.

Antifoaming Agent

Calcium formate can be used as an antifoaming agent in the textile and paper-making industries. It is the main active compound obtained through emulsification, which is used to eliminate and control auxiliary paper coating compounds. Calcium formate is also widely used in liquefying textile- reinforced concrete, textile auxiliaries, paper coating applications, and wastewater treatments.

Animal Feed Preservative

As an organic salt, calcium formate is extensively used as a preservative in animal feeds, commonly in pig and poultry diets. It is packed with acidifying properties that facilitate good gut health. Generally, calcium formate acts as an acidifier to preserve animal feeds and reduce the pH in the gastrointestinal tract, discouraging bacteria growth.

Leather Tanning

Calcium formate acts as a masking agent in leather tanning to help promote quicker and more efficient chromium diffusion in the leather. This compound can also be used in place of formic acid during the pickling operation.

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