Cellulose, a natural material derived primarily from wood pulp, is the most abundant organic polymer on Earth. When we talk about cellulose fibres, we’re referring to fibres made of cellulose, which has a huge range of applications across various industries. Cellulose fibres are versatile in the construction industry, filtration, and road-building industries, As a raw material, wood cellulose is renewable, making products derived from it sustainable. This is especially crucial in today’s world, where there’s a pressing need to shift towards natural and sustainable materials.

Cellulose Fibres in Construction

In the construction industry, cellulose fibres are critical in the formulation of construction chemicals and dry mix mortars such as tile adhesives. The benefits of incorporating Cellulose fibres into construction chemicals are:

  • Sag Resistance: No one wants sagging materials, especially in construction. Cellulose fibres ensure that construction chemicals remain stable and evenly applied.
  • Reduced Stickiness: Handling construction chemicals can be a messy affair. With the addition of these fibres, the stickiness of these chemicals is significantly reduced, making them easier to manage.
  • Micro-crack Inhibition: Durability is critical in construction. The properties of cellulose fibres help prevent the formation of micro-cracks, ensuring longevity.
  • Enhanced Workability: A smoother application process is guaranteed with these fibres, making construction chemicals more user-friendly.
  • Extended Open Time: Sometimes, construction workers need a longer working time. These fibres extend the open time of construction chemicals, providing that flexibility.
  • Shrinkage Reduction: Dimensional stability is crucial, and the inclusion of these fibres ensures that construction materials experience minimal shrinkage.

Given the numerous benefits, cellulose fibres are used in a range of applications within the construction industry. From tile adhesives and plasters to epoxies and joint fillers, these fibres enhance the performance of these materials, ensuring they’re reliable and effective.

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In conclusion, cellulose fibres, with their natural cellulosic origin, are critical in various industries. Their environmentally friendly nature, combined with their versatility, makes them a preferred choice for many applications. For those in the construction industry or related fields looking to enhance the performance of their products, Bisley cellulose fibres are available for sampling in various fibre lengths, purity, colours, etc.

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