PCE (polycarboxylate-based admixture) is the latest generation of high-performance admixture used to improve the properties of concrete. It is a type of concrete admixture known as high-range water-reducing admixtures or superplasticizers. It is composed of an aqueous copolymer of carboxylic acids. This admixture exhibits a high efficiency at low doses and can be easily formulated with the inclusion of a defoamer. It offers excellent control over the rheological properties of concrete and has the ability to enhance its strength. When added to concrete, it reduces bleeding and material separation, allowing for a significant reduction in water content by at least 30%. Additionally, they help in retarding the setting time of concrete.

It works as a water-reducing agent that integrates water reduction, shrinkage, reinforcement, slump protection, and environmental protection.

PCE-based admixtures are usually used to reduce the water-cement ratio, eliminate cracking and shrinking, increase durability, enhance workability, and increase the concrete’s overall strength. This type of admixture is often used in the construction industry to improve the properties of concrete.

What Are The Properties Of PCE-Based Admixture?

  • High water reduction: PCE-based admixture can help reduce water by allowing the concrete to maintain its workability while reducing the amount of water. This is done by creating a denser mix with a slightly higher formulation of cement and other admixtures.
  • PCE water reducer is commonly used in ready-mixed concrete applications where high performance and durability are required.
  • High resistance: The admixture’s resistant properties make the concrete endure sulphate attack, freeze-thaw damage, and alkali-silica reaction.
  • Slump retention: As an effective water reducer, PCE-based admixture can help reduce the water content required to achieve a given slump through improved workability of the concrete mix. This is typically achieved by reducing the water-cement ratio and increasing the particle size distribution. As a result, this helps prevent excessive bleed water during the mixing process, resulting in a loss of slump.

Advantages of PCE-Based Admixture

  • Improved workability: PCE-based admixture provides more efficient concrete mixes with improved strength and accelerated workability without compromising setting properties. It can also enhance the workability of fresh concrete, making it easier to pump and pour.
  • Reduced permeability: Admixtures can reduce the permeability of concrete, which reduces the risk of moisture penetration into the concrete.
  • High-quality concrete mixes: PCE-based admixture obtains excellent concrete mixes with improved cement hydration and pouring characteristics. This leads to improved strength and high-quality concrete.
  • Reduced shrinkage: Concrete admixtures can decrease the shrinkage of concrete, which can help reduce the risk of cracking and other damage. These admixtures provide an internal curing system for the concrete mix. The presence of polycarboxylate ethers enables the admixture to absorb and retain water within the concrete mixture.
  • Improved finish: PCE-based admixtures can refine the finish of concrete by making it smoother appealing, and a more consistent surface. The improved finish helps enhance the durability of the concrete surfaces. This admixture can also provide a more uniform mix design and decrease the tendency for shrinkage cracks. Additionally, it can help reduce water absorption and stop water seepage.

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