Sodium molybdate is an excellent source of molybdenum, a pure white, free-flowing, crystalline salt that’s commonly available as the dihydrate (Na2MoO4·2H2O). Traditionally, sodium molybdate was produced by the process of hydration. Another convenient way to prepare sodium molybdate is by using sodium hydroxide to dissolve MoO3 at the levels of 50 – 70 ° C and crystallise the residue.

As a chemical compound, sodium molybdate is used in a wide range of applications in different industries, ranging from agriculture to industrial sectors. Below, we discuss some of the most popular applications of sodium molybdate.

Agricultural Applications

In the agricultural sector, sodium molybdate is used to supply the element of molybdenum to both plants and livestock. It serves as a fertiliser for crops and vegetables, for example cauliflower. This supplement is recommended for treating whiptail in molybdenum-deficient soils for certain crops, such as broccoli.

In its usual oxidation state, sodium molybdate contains high amounts of molybdenum, making it perfect for fertiliser applications. Other molybdenum salts like ammonium molybdate do not have the same ability. Sodium molybdate must be added in small quantities to soil (no greater than 0.3 ppm) as an excess can cause copper deficiencies in livestock, especially cattle.

Industrial Applications

Sodium molybdate serves as a metal corrosion inhibitor in industrial applications due it non-oxidizing anodic properties. Furthermore, adding Sodium molybdate can enhance the corrosion protection of carboxylate salt fluids as well as reducing the need for nitrites in fluids impeded with nitrite-amine.

Sodium molybdate is widely used in industrial water treatment areas where galvanic corrosion is likely to occur due to bimetallic construction. It’s often preferred over sodium nitrite because the lower levels of sodium molybdate produce circulated water with a lower conductivity.

To quantify this, sodium molybdate at 50 – 100 ppm provides the same degrees of corrosion protection as sodium nitrate at over 800 ppm.

Food Industry

In the food sector, Sodium molybdate is used as a nutritional supplement. Most individuals don’t require an additional supply of molybdenum as it’s already present in various foods like potatoes, beef liver, cheese, whole-grain bread, yoghurt, corn, tuna, legumes, and more.

However, when the diet lacks adequate molybdenum content, Sodium molybdate can be added as a supplement, generally taken with other vitamins and minerals. This compound offers many benefits, as it is involved with protein and DNA processing, for example preventing tooth decay, and sulphite sensitivity.

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