Sodium nitrate (NaNo3) is a chemical compound composed of white spherical particles that are highly soluble in water. It is sometimes known as nitrate of soda, soda niter, or Chile saltpeter. As a strong oxidising agent, sodium nitrate is used in a variety of applications across many industries.

This compound produces nitrate anion (NO3−), which is a famous useful ingredient in various reactions performed on industrial applications to produce fertilisers, food preservatives, explosives, glass and pottery enamel and smoke bombs.

Sodium Nitrate Applications

As a Fertiliser

Sodium nitrogen is used as a chemical fertiliser to increase the soil’s nitrogen content, which helps to stimulate healthy plant growth. As a result, this promotes the fullness of roots, leaves, and stems. The compound can be used with other types of fertiliser, like phosphorous and potassium.

Sodium nitrate fertiliser can be applied directly to the soil or combined with water and sprayed onto the soil. Without nitrogen in the soil, plants can experience stunted growth, reducing crop yield. Thus, this component helps increase plant yield and can help control weeds.

As a Food Additive

As a food additive, sodium nitrate is used as a processed food preservative, a flavour enhancer, and a colour fixative. It is used to preserve meats, especially those containing a red hue, such as deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, and some cheeses. It adds flavour to various foods like poultry, fish, and meat. In addition, sodium nitrate can preserve the colour of cured meats like pastrami and corned beef.

Although Nitrates and nitrites are used in curing, a broad category of techniques for preserving foods, mainly meat and fish, that involves the use of salt, sugar, and/or dehydration to make food unattractive to the bacteria that cause spoilage, it’s important to note that sodium nitrate (NaNO3) is not the same as sodium nitrite (NaNO2), a well-known food additive and preservative. Sodium nitrate is listed under E number E251 or INS number 251 and is accepted for use in the EU, United States, and Australia.

Steel Coating

Sodium nitrate acts as a corrosion inhibitor in the steel coating process, creating a surface magnetite layer. This is a more protective coating that safeguards the steel from rust and other types of corrosion. This compound also serves as a lubricant that helps reduce friction and abrasion between two surfaces. It can also help reduce the risk of hydrogen fragility in steel.

Thermal Energy Recovery

Sodium nitrate has a high melting enthalpy of about 178 J/g; hence it can be used as an ingredient for thermal recovery. Typical examples of applications of the compound used for thermal recovery include steam-producing parabolic troughs and solar thermal power technologies.

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