White cement is a type of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) which is used for its high whiteness for decorative concrete applications. It is similar to grey Portland cement in all aspects but differs in fineness and colour.

Production of White Cement

The manufacturing process of OPC and white cement are the same, except the addition of manganese and iron provide a higher whiteness, and production at a higher temperature provides a higher fineness.

Various elements give OPC its colour (including titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, nickel and copper) which can be found in lower concentrations in white cement. Upon adding pigments, white cement produces clean, brilliant colours.

White cement is a high-quality, reflective, fine, white cement mix, with excellent whiteness, good weathering resistance and high compressive strength.

Uses of white cement

White cement can be used in numerous applications, including tile grouts, cementitious paint, terrazzo, pavers, precast concrete, decorative projects, and more. Other uses include:

  • White cement is widely used to build decorative items. When combined with other ingredients, it can create coloured concrete, usually used in building interior and exterior decoration work and prestige construction projects.
  • It is also used in mending marble tiles and sheathing roofs, floors, and walls. It can also be blended with other substrates to build wall skirting and floor sheathing.
  • Due to its highly reflective property, white cement is used on roads to provide visibility to highway medians.
  • This product is utilised in creating cast stones of visually appealing appearance.

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