Concrete is the basis of any construction. In today’s world, where the construction sector is at its peak, you can’t imagine any construction work without concrete. Concrete is a typical combination of sand, cement, admixtures and aggregates, and water.

Adding some materials to concrete can help ensure it achieves optimal strength, durability, and performance. Metakaolin is one of the most effective materials used in concrete to boost its workability properties.

What is Metakaolin?

Metakaolin is a pozzolanic material widely used in concrete these days. It enables concrete to attain higher performance, increased strength, and reduced permeability. Metakaolin is obtained from the calcination of kaolin clay. When this clay is subjected to high temperatures, usually 600-800 degrees Celsius, under calculations, it undergoes chemical and physical transformations, forming metakaolin.

Metakaolin is highly reactive, and when it interacts with calcium hydroxide and water in the presence of cement, it forms additional cementitious compounds. Metakaolin has several uses in various industries. It can be used in ceramic production and as a partial cement replacement in concrete, or as an insulating additive in PVC cable protection.

Moreover, Metakaolin is used as a pigment and functional extender in paints and coating applications to enhance durability, hiding power, and opacity intensity. Metakaolin can also be used in high-performance concrete, pre-cast concrete, tile adhesive, cement-based mortars, tile grouts, and construction grouts.

Reasons To Use Metakaolin In Concrete

  • Improved Strength and Durability

Metakaolin is a highly reactive material that reacts with calcium hydrogen to form calcium silicate hydrate gel, which is responsible for the durability and strength of concrete. Adding metakaolin can significantly boost the comprehensive strength of the concrete.

When metakaolin is incorporated into concrete, it reduces the permeability of the concrete by filling in the spaces between cement particles and aggregates. This helps prevent the ingress of chemicals, moisture, and other contaminants that can cause deterioration.

  • Improved Workability

Adding metakaolin to concrete is a great way to improve the workability and cohesiveness of concrete mixes. Its fine particle size and spherical shape allow for enhanced dispersion and lubrication of the concrete. Metakaolin helps reduce the water demand and improve the mixture’s viscosity, allowing for better placement of the concrete.

  • Boost Aesthetics

When used as a pigment and functional extender, metakaolin can enhance the appearance of concrete by eliminating the occurrence of efflorescence. This white, powdery residue can appear on the surface of concrete after being exposed to moisture or other harmful elements.

Metakaolin helps control efflorescence by binding the soluble alkalis and stopping them from rising to the surface of the concrete. This results in a cleaner and more visually appealing appearance for the concrete. This makes metakaolin a valuable material for applications where aesthetic considerations are important, such as decorative concrete.

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