Our Guarantees

We believe it’s important to focus on what is most valuable to our customers and really stand by this – for the long term. Here are a few of the things our customers rely on Bisley for…..

Expertise…On Tap

You’ll get front row access to the knowledge of our team.

At Bisley you’ll find our talented local staff and Country Managers on the ground, right there when you need them.

Supporting them are Bisley Industry Managers with 15 years or more experience in your sector, multinational exposure, and end to end industry understanding.

Together with our logistics, finance and admin staff, they make a great team with a world of knowledge to share. A team you’ll get to know personally, that really CAN make a difference to your business.

No Surprises

We put the work in up front so you get the right products, when you need them.

Across five decades we’ve witnessed almost every hazard in international trade you can think of. We’ve learnt a thing or two about global transaction risk along the way.

That’s why, for us, due diligence isn’t an empty promise, it’s a rigorous process that underpins everything we do.

That means experienced staff travelling the world, reviewing supply plants first hand, assessing production and QA systems, and vetting the logistics chain – start to finish.

Whilst no one can promise to eliminate risk completely, it helps to know that every step along the way the experienced team at Bisley are actively managing those risks, working in unison to secure a trouble-free outcome for you.

The Right Information

We deliver the right information so you get to make better decisions.

We believe customers and suppliers will achieve the best outcomes when they have access to high quality information on a timely basis.

So unlike old fashioned “traders” who carefully construct information barriers between suppliers and customers to protect themselves, we make a virtue of transparency.

At Bisley, crucial market and supply information isn’t an asset to be hidden, it’s something valuable that we’re proud to share with our partners.

Like to know more? Please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Corporate Head Office

Sydney, Australia
PH: +61 2 8905 4200

PT Bisindo Kencana

Jakarta, Indonesia
PH: +62 21 530 7287

Bisley Asia (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand
PH: +66 0 2689 6396

Bisley Chemicals Trading LLC

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
PH: +971 4 3310088

Bisley International LLC

Houston, USA
PH: +1 (844) 424 7539