Our Products

The Bisley Group supplies a wide range of products to a diversity of industry sectors. Please select a product category of interest for full details on supply scope and individual products



Bisley has enjoyed a fruitful involvement with the Australian fertiliser industry for many decades, focussing on trace elements and specialised raw materials.


Aluminium bars

Since 1955, Bisley & Company has been continuously involved with the Australian Aluminium Industry, supplying a wide range of products into all operating areas of the smelters.



Bisley supplies a carefully selected range of raw material products for Ceramicware and Brick manufacture.  This includes refined clays of various types, feldspars, silica flour, lithium based materials such as petalite, and ceramic rollers.  We…

Construction & Building Materials

Manama-Muhurraq Causeway Bahrain

Bisley’s exposure to the Construction sector is extensive. Our objective is to provide customers with quality assured, technically advanced raw materials, derived from exhaustive research and the Company’s decades of involvement with the industry.


Pouring molten steel

Bisley has over 50 years of experience serving the foundry sector.  Our international connections and established agencies enable Bisley to offer a wide range of bulk ferro alloys, noble alloys, pure metals, recarburisers and moulding…

Greases and Lubricants

Bisley & Company have serviced the Lubricant/Grease industry for over 25 years. Our focus is on raw materials for Lithium and Molybdenum-bearing greases.

Lithium Hydroxide and Molybdenum Disulfide supplied by Bisley is approved by…

Home & Personal Care

Personal Care product

Bisley is proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the home and personal care market. 

With a focus on natural products we supply a comprehensive range of ingredients representing reputable global principals…

Industrial Chemicals

Test tubes

The Bisley group is active in a wide range of chemicals encompassing many end uses. Bisley caters for diverse customer requirements, from highly specialised products sold in drum lots, to liquids in IBCs, and multi…


Bisley is able to supply a range or fully certified and high quality ingredients including flavours, aromas and specialties.  In select markets we are also able to develop tailor-made solutions for individual customer’s needs.

Oil Well Drilling

Oil Platform

Bisley have a range of innovative products for drilling, extraction & cementing of wells. Bisley’s portfolio in this field comprises products for oil well establishment as well as chemicals for continuous and cost-efficient production of…

Plastics & Rubber

Electrical wiring

Bisley has promoted the use of non-halogenated Fire Retardant additives for many years. In Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia we supply high purity Aluminium Hydroxide (ATH) and Magnesium Hydroxide (MDH) into both plastic…

Powder Metallurgy

Gears with gold tint

Bisley offers an extensive range of metal powders from the world’s leading manufacturer of Atomised Steel and Iron.

Refractory Raw Materials

Molten metal

Bisley has been active in the supply of refractory raw materials since the mid 1980’s. Commencing in Australia, the business was expanded into SE Asia during the 1990’s, taking advantage ofthe Bisley Asian office network…


Rolling mill

The Bisley group are significant suppliers of raw materials and other consumables to Steel producers throughout our regions.

Steel manufacture in the Middle East has grown very substantially in recent years, attracted by low energy…

Water Treatment, Aquaculture & Swimming Pool Chemicals

Running water

Bisley has been a leading supplier of water treatment raw materials for several decades.  Our range of products (buffers, flocculants / coagulants, sanitisers, disinfectants, antiscalants, algaecides, fluorides, corrosion inhibitors etc) have found application in wastewater…

Welding & Hard Facing

Welding robot

Bisley has a long and successful history of supplying various raw materials to the welding consumable producers and hardfacing companies within each of our global regions.  Products available from Bisley include a complete range of…

Wire, Cable, Tube & Bar Drawing

Metal tubes

In selected markets Bisley represents French manufacturers Condat Corporation and Societe des Fillieres Balloffet for Wire, Cable, Tube and Bar Drawing applications. Condat is a manufacturer of high quality specialty oils and lubricants including dry…