Aluminium Hydroxide with moisture (5-7% typical)

Bisley has been a leading supplier of high quality Australian aluminium hydroxide since 1992. The aluminium hydroxide is produced by Rio Tinto Aluminium at its Yarwun refinery in Gladstone, Queensland.

Aluminium hydroxide is a white crystalline product. It is also known as hydrated alumina, aluminium hydrate or alumina tri-hydrate (ATH). It is typically used as a raw material for the production of other alumina based chemicals such as calcined alumina, aluminium sulfate, poly aluminium chloride (PAC), aluminium fluoride and synthetic zeolite. Its chemical formula is Al2O3•3H2O or Al(OH)3.

Typical Specification

Bisley’s “RTA” brand aluminium hydroxide is moist, typically containing 5 – 7% free moisture. It also has the advantage of low iron and impurity levels. The typical analysis of “RTA” aluminium hydroxide is as follows:


99.7 %


65.0 %

LOI (1000oC)

34.7 %

Na20 (total)

0.23 %

Na20 (soluble)

0.03 %


0.02 %


0.01 %


0.01 %

(* Calculated by difference)


Aluminium Hydroxide is shipped in bulk ex Gladstone which is located mid way along the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. Bulk shipments are available in typical cargo sizes of 6,000 – 25,000 tonnes. In addition, Bisley is able to offer packaged aluminium hydroxide from its South East Asian distribution centres, spread throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Currently, aluminium hydroxide is available ex our regional warehouses in the following forms:

  • 50kg woven polypropylene bags
  • 1 metric tonne bulk bags
  • Bulk ex warehouse

Customised packaging is also available upon request.

Customer Support

Bisley prides itself on understanding its customers’ needs and tailoring innovative solutions designed to deliver maximum value. If required, contracts can be designed with flexibility in various key aspects such as pricing mechanism (fixed price, flexible price, index pricing or even combinations of these), monthly quantity and delivery period. Talk to us about designing a contract that best matches your individual needs.


Aluminium hydroxide, both crystalline and amorphous, is used as an additive to make a saturated Al2O3 solution for shotcrete accelerators of Portland cement systems.

For more information including available grades, specifications, applications, safety, storage and handling, please do not hesitate to contact us via email (quick contact) or by phone (+61 2 8905 4200).

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