Anode Spiders or Anode Yokes

Spiders, or Yokes distribute the D.C. Current, conducted by the Anode Stem, into the Carbon Anode.

Traditionally, Spiders were made of Cast Steel, very robust, to survive 20 years plus service in the Anode supply circuit. But Cast Steel exhibits relatively poor Electrical Conductivity as compared to the Anode Stem materials.

Now available for the Spider/Yoke application is ULR (Ultra Low Resistivity) Steel, which reduces the Resistivity of the Spider from 25-30 down to typically 10

This reduction in Resistivity, reduces the energy required to produce Aluminium, and so CO2 Emissions.

The ULR Grade, Hot Rolled Steel bar used to fabricate the Spiders, was originally developed as a low Resistivity Cathode – Collector Bar material some 10 years ago. It is now globally used for the Cathode Bar application. It is the preferred Cathode Bar material for AP Technology pots worldwide, supplied most recently to the Maaden AP35 Project in Saudi Arabia.

Bisley-ArcelorMittal can provide design assistance for these fabricated Spiders should this be required.