Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)

Calcium Aluminate Cement  CACs impart rapid hardening, high early strength, biogenic corrosion resistance and refractory properties as a standalone or part of binary or ternary systems. Bisley offers a full range of CACs (40-80% Al2O3) for use in self-levelling, high strength grouts, ductile iron pipe lining, sewer rehabilitation mortars and refractory mortars.

Bisley has three grades of CAC: Istra 40, Istra 45 and Istra 50. 

For more information including available grades, specifications, applications, safety, storage and handling, please do not hesitate to contact us via email (quick contact) or by phone (+61 2 8905 4200).


Bisley distributes CALUCEM Calcium Aluminate Cements (CAC) for construction product applications in Australia and the Middle East Gulf. Calucem are the second largest producer of fused calcium aluminate cements in the world. Calucem’s Istra brand CAC’s are manufactured in their ISO9001 certified plant in Pula Croatia, and exported to more than 60 countries.

Istra clinker and cements are available in 40%, 45%, 50% and 55% Al2O3 versions and quality is controlled in accordance with the European Standard EN196. Their rapid hardening characteristics coupled with resistance to various forms of chemical attack make them useful in a diverse range of applications. These include:

  • Construction Chemistry
  • Rapid Set Cements and Mortars
  • Tile Adhesives & Tile Grouts
  • Rapid Floor Screeds
  • Floor Levelling Compounds
  • Water plug sealers
  • Bedding Mortars, Repair Mortars
  • Pipe and Sewer Rehabilitation Industry
  • Lining of ductile iron, steel and concrete pipes to improve resistance to aggressive substances such as sewage as we as re-lining of existing sewer systems.
  • Mining Industry
  • Mass Fill
  • Anchoring Mortars
  • Fireplaces And Other Refractory Applications

Bisley also distributes Calumex SC-A, an ultra finely ground, amorphous calcium aluminate. CALUMEX SC-A is the latest development of CALTRA with regard to calcium aluminate technology. It is based on Amorphous Calcium Aluminate—produced by fusing high quality bauxite and lime to form blue coloured round shaped beads. This clinker is than cooled rapidly and ground to a high surface area.

SUPER CEMENT Amorphous (SC-A) from Caltra requires a smaller addition rate to provide RAPID set and RAPID strength development. The ULTRA high Blaine and the Amorphous nature of this material make it highly reactive. It is optimised for use as an additive to Portland cement, to manufacture fast and extremely fast setting cementious mortars.

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