Calcium Sulfate, Anhydrous- synthetic (Anhydrite)

Synthetic Calcium Anhydrite MIC is an odorless, white to grey crystalline solid composed of anhydrous calcium sulfate. This product is manufactured from anhydrite, a naturally occurring mineral. It provides greater fluidity, stability, mechanical resistance, thermal conductivity and reduced dry times to cement binders such as mortars and self-levelling screeds. This product is highly hygroscopic and readily transforms to gypsum with the addition of water.

Anhydrite is available in several forms. Natural and synthetic (FGD and FG) environmentally “green by-product”. Finely ground, with a high surface area, making it highly reactive. Anhydrite is primarily used in self levelling, pumpable floor screeds.

Main uses / applications:

Synthetic Anhydrite MIC can be used in a variety of applications in the construction industry such as drywall, cements, plasters and paint fillers. It can be used in fertilizer, paper production and as a drying agent. It is used in self-levelling soils and as a binder and stabilizer for sub-base gravel in foundations.

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