Calumex QXP

Calumex QXP Expansive CSA is a Calcium-Sulfo-Aluminate (CSA) cement produced from a special clinker, developed to reduce and compensate the hydraulic shrinkage of cement-based mortars and concrete. Calumex QXP Expansive CSA reacts with water, producing fine crystal needle-like structures of ettringite. During the hardening phase of the cement hydration, these will grow together to form larger crystals, resulting in a volume increase (expansion). This structure will counteract the shrinkage by chemical hydration and the shrinkage due to the drying of the concrete, resulting in reduced shrinkage compared to other cements. Calumex QXP Expansive CSA provides reduced shrinkage, higher durability, improved water impermeability, increased mechanical strength properties, chemical pre-stressing and excellent adhesion to substrates and reinforcement.

Main uses / applications:

Calumex QXP Expansive CSA is suitable for use in the following: self-levelling underlayment, concrete counter tops, surface coatings, floor toppings, repair mortars, high density mortar and concrete

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