Aluminium Busbar Systems

Busbar Systems are made up of a number of basic components –

Aluminium Busbar Expansion Flexes
Aluminium Busbar Welding Panels, Plates and Strips
Aluminium Busbar Wedges

Bisley can offer the full range of items required to construct a Busbar system in a new or existing Potline.  This includes Rectiformer connections to the main Bus as well.

Bisley represents SAG Aluminium Lend (Austria), an independent producer and supplier of Horizontally Cast Aluminium sections, of which there are very few in the world.

To obtain the highest level of Electrical Conductivity in Aluminium, it is mandatory that the aluminium be horizontally cast – to obtain the Directional Grain structure which minimises the Resistance to high intensity electrical currents passing through the Busbars.

As well the aluminium must be extremely “clean”, and contain very low contents of elements which affect the electrical conductivity of the aluminium conductors, principally Titanium, Vanadium, Manganese and Chromium.   

Busbars are Horizontally Cast in two principal grades, EW-AW 1370A and EW-AW-1350A.

SAG have supplied all the major smelter groups over many years and are regarded as the premier independent Busbar supplier.

SAG will consider entering into Tolling arrangements for the manufacture and supply of full Busbar systems to Aluminium producers.