Construction & Building Materials

Bisley’s exposure to the Construction sector is extensive. Our objective is to provide customers with quality assured, technically advanced raw materials, derived from exhaustive research and the Company’s decades of involvement with the industry.

In Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East we furnish the concrete admixture industry with a diverse range of raw materials including Lignosulfonates, Naphthalene Sulfonates, Polycarboxylates, Sodium Gluconate, Aluminium Sulfate, Amorphous Aluminium Hydroxide and powder Alkali-free Accelerators.

Silica Fume, or Microsilica, is supplied to concrete admixture companies, readymix concrete producers, civil contractors, shotcrete and fiber cement manufacturers. Silica Fume is an important tool in High Performance Concrete, and is noted for its strength and durability enhancing characteristics.

For the Drymix industry, Bisley supplies many raw materials including Calcium Aluminate Cement, CSA cement, Anhydrite, Tartaric retarders, anti-crack fibers, re-dispersible powders, expansive agents and Lithium compounds.
Lithium has an important role to play in the mitigation of Alkali Silica Reactivity (ASR), and as an accelerator in Alumina based cementitious systems.

Production of gypsum plasterboard is growing throughout Asia and the Middle East. We supply the plasterboard industry with various inputs including foaming agents, formaldehyde free fluidity modifiers, accelerators, retarders and raw materials for the manufacture of fire resistant board.