Coal Tar Pitch (PITCH)

Constituting around 15% by weight of a modern anode, the Pitch content plays an important role in the production of a successful Baked Anode. Most modern smelters take Pitch in the Liquid state, but Bisley can propose either solid or liquid Pitch to fit with customers’ requirements.

Anode Baking Furnaces (ABF) bake the “GREEN” Anodes at Temperatures of up to 1200°C. Gas Temperatures in the Flue Walls of the ABF can reach 1250°C.

The ABF Overhead Multipurpose Cranes carry and use significant quantities of Hydraulic oil, as hydraulic systems are utilised (for example) to charge, and for post baking discharge of the anodes from the baking pits of the ABF.

If a Hydraulic line breaks on an overhead crane, the resulting oil spray will contact the furnace surface (at 1100°C) and a fire is the inevitable result.

Bisley offers a range of Fire Resistant – Self Extinguishing Hydraulic oils, of varying viscosities, to suit the hydraulic systems utilised on the Overhead Cranes.

Modern Occupational Health and Safety Workplace laws now demand that as well as providing safety via Fire Retardant properties, these new Synthetic Oils must be both Non Toxic and Biodegradable. That is, the oils must be healthy for the workforce and healthy for the environment. Our products conform to all the latest EU Regulations for Toxicity and Biodegradability.

The range of Fire Resistant products that Bisley offer, are also FM approved, thus minimising premiums for the insurance covering smelter customers’ capital equipment.

Fire Resistant Hydraulic Oils
Fire Resistant Lubricating Oils
Fire Resistant Greases

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