Anode Baking Furnace (ABF) Refractories

An ABF contains between 6,000 to 15,000MTS of Refractory Materials.   Bisley & Company, in partnership with Gouda Refractories of Holland have supplied Dense Refractories into the ABFs of all seven (7) Australasian Aluminium smelters, since 1989.

The Gouda ABF Flue Wall-Headwall Brick, AK46S is achieving Flue Wall lives of over 200 fire cycles, and has been the benchmark ABF brick for nearly 20 years.  Gouda have a new ABF Dense Brick LP50S, which displays superior characteristics to AK46S.   As well, its high strength can allow a reduction of the Thermal Mass of Dense Refractory in the ABF by up to 20%.    It is estimated by Gouda this will provide an energy saving of approximately 12%.  This reduction in fuel consumption also provides a significant reduction in CO2 emissions of the smelter.

As well Bisley have co-operated with BNZ INC of the USA (with production capacity in France) to supply Insulating Bricks and Castables specified for the ABF application. 

Both companies are fully approved by the major ABF technology suppliers, and all the major Aluminium smelters, and Smelter groups such as RioTinto Alcan, Alcoa, Hydro Aluminium, Dubai Aluminium etc.