Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)

CPC is the major constituent of the Anodes used in Aluminium Smelting.   The trend is away from the “regular” grades of CPC containing 2.5-3.0% Sulfur to either materials which grade 2.5% S as a maximum, or as low as 1.0% S.    Particularly this is the case for smelters close to metropolitan areas, faced with a fixed SO2 Emissions ceiling, and with a need to expand production to increase efficiencies via higher amperage cells and so larger anodes.   Use of Low Sulfur CPC is an excellent option for such smelters to expand production and maintain SO2 emissions within acceptable levels. 

Bisley can offer a full range of CPCs, from a number of sources to fit the operational requirements of each smelter customer.

CPC also finds applications in the glass industry.