Cathode Bars or Collector Bars

Bisley are the Australian, New Zealand and Middle East Agents for ArcelorMittal of Luxembourg.    ArcelorMittal is the largest producer of Cathode-Collector bars in the world, and introduced the LR Grade Steel ( Low Resistivity/High Electrical Conductivity ) specifically for the Cathode Bar Application, in 2001. ULTRA LOW RESISTIVITY, ULR Grade Steel is a refinement of LR Grade, and was introduced in 2010.

Today the following bars are available:

  • Low Resistivity Steel (LR Grade)
    13.5 Resistivity max
  • Ultra Low Resistivity Steel (ULR Grade)
    Typically 10

  • Copper Cored Cathode Bars (CCCBs)

LR and ULR steels are the Benchmark steels for the Cathode Collector bar application, and are now specified by all the major Pot Technology providers, and the major Aluminium smelter groups.   They are known for their consistency, as well as exhibiting the highest quality and performance.  

The most recent evolution in Cathode Bar Technology, is the use of Copper in conjunction with ULR Grade Steel.   It has been shown that the introduction of a copper core increases the conductivity of the Cathode Bar, (so saves energy/power), but also provides a better distribution of the electrical current along the cathode block, which evens out the erosion-corrosion across the cathode block surface, and so extends the life of the cathode, and the pot.    This provides a considerable cost reduction for the smelter overall.

Bisley-ArcelorMittal has now supplied finished, complete CCCBs to a range of smelter customers and a whole scale conversion to this technology is well underway.

We now have substantial experience in the manufacture and supply of these bars and can greatly assist customers to optimise the configuration to obtain the best outcome for their particular pot design.     We have worked closely with a number of customers' computer modellers and indeed recommend modelling be undertaken prior to committing to supply.