Insulating Bricks


Many pot designs, including current AP Pots use a significant quantity of Insulating bricks, in the sub Cathodic area of the Pot.

Placed immediately under the cathode is a “Barrier Layer” of Dense, Low Porosity bricks.   These bricks are a barrier to the diffusion of sodium and fluoride into the lower insulating materials – which materials destroy the insulating layers, leading to excessive heat flow (loss) through the Pot Shell bottom.

Below the Barrier layer are generally a Refractory-Insulating brick, and then below them a layer of a high grade Insulating brick against the Steel Pot shell (bottom) of the brick.

Bisley can offer these different types of bricks, to a wide range of specifications.

Insulating bricks are often utilised in the lower Sidewall of the Pot, as well as around the Cathode Bars.