Flexibles – Flexes – Tails

These are the flexible connections between the Cathode – Collector Bar, and the Busbar. Anode Flexes are also available.

In selected markets Bisley & Company partners Pamas & Company (USA) who manufacture high quality flash welded bimetallic (Aluminium to Copper), and similar metal (Aluminium to Aluminium, or Copper to Copper) Flexible connections that meet the stringent demands and operational standards demanded by modern, high amperage pots. This is achieved by utilising a purpose designed and built 1500kVA, 500 TON Flash Welding machine. This machine flash welds Flexes by fusing together dissimilar or similar metals with computer managed repeatable precision, utilising an Upset Force Capacity of 1 Million pounds, with Clamp Force capability of up to 2 Million pounds.

Flash Welded Joints involving both solid and laminar substrates generally cannot be tested via traditional NDT methods to assure the created Flex is fit for purpose – that is to assure that all connections/welds are sound and the overall Electrical Resistance of the flexible is low. So confirm that high performance of the installed Flex.

At Pamas, immediately following the flash welding process all welds are subject both hot and cold resistance tests, and a tensile test, to assess the mechanical characteristics of the Flex. Each individual Flex so manufactured, is shipped with accompanying Test Data/Results Sheet, outlining these results. This service is unique to Pamas.

This process offers Flexibles that provide proven high current efficiency which exhibit the lowest energy consumption, leading to reduced smelter operating costs. Pamas flexes are perfect for coupling with new generation Copper Cored Collector bars.

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