Fly Ash

Fly Ash is a pozzolanic material obtained as a by-product from coal-fired thermal power stations rich in silica and alumina. The spherical shape of the fly ash particles act almost as ballbearings during mixing, allowing concrete to be produced with less water. This improves the concrete’s workability and durability and reduces permeability.

Bisley & Company supplies quality assured Fly Ash for construction applications in the Middle East, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Fly Ash – together with GGBS and Silica Fume – is one of the most important tools in the manufacture of high performance, durable concrete Worldwide. With supplies in Western countries diminishing due to progressive closure of coal fired powered stations, access to economically viable, consistent quality Fly Ash is becoming increasingly challenging.

Bisley is able to supply either “run of station” or fully classified Fly Ash meeting the mandatory requirements of ASTM C618 Class F, AS/NZS 3582.1 or BS/EN 450. The product can be delivered either in 1MT big bags or “bulk”.

Used either in binary blends with OPC, or ternary blends incorporating both OPC and silica fume, good quality Fly Ash contributes to:

  • improved chloride durability
  • reduced permeability
  • lower heat evolution, and
  • improved concrete workability

For more information including available grades, specifications, applications, safety, storage and handling, please do not hesitate to contact us via email (quick contact) or by phone (+61 2 8905 4200).

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