Fumed Silica

Fumed silica, also known as pyrogenic silica is a multi-purpose silica-based additive commonly used to manipulate viscosity, rheology and enhance functionality of existing polymer matrices. It has a low particle size and low bulk density, meaning the surface area is very high. It is known for its film and cured adhesives strengthening, sag resistance and anti-settling properties. Bisley’s brand of fumed silica Bi-SiL is available in both hydrophobic and hydrophilic grades, with a variety of specifications to choose from. 


Bisley’s fumed silica is used in many applications, including adhesives and sealants strengtheners, anti-caking and thickening agents in powders, viscosity adjustment in epoxy coatings and paint, desiccants, cosmetics for its light- diffusing properties and toothpaste

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