Graphene, known for its remarkable properties, has emerged as a revolutionary material with vast potential across various industries. Its exceptional attributes include outstanding mechanical strength, electrical and thermal conductivity, unique optical and electronic characteristics, impenetrability, ultra-thin particle geometry (micro platelets), as well as strength and lightness.

Industries that have emerging uses of graphene include:

  • Composites and engineered materials
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Energy storage
  • Transportation
  • Medical technologies
  • Water and air clean solutions

PureGRAPH® is a high performing graphene additive made of pristine graphene platelets or micro flakes. The PureGRAPH product range is characterised by its large platelet size, high aspect ratio, low defect levels and batch-to-batch consistency; owing to its advanced manufacturing, strict quality control and selected raw materials for its processing.
Designed to be dispersed in a broad range of materials, including plastics, composites, rubber and elastomers, cement and concrete, as well as inks and coatings.

Our product range includes a growing list of graphene additives for masterbatch, solvent base and water base binder systems as well as cementitious formulations.

• PureGRAPH® powder structure additives
• PureGRAPH® AQUA dispersed additives (water base paste for easier dispersion)
• PureGRAPH® master-batch additives for Low density Polyethylene (LDPE), High density polyethylene (HDPE), Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

The presence of oxygen within PureGRAPH® enables easy dispersion in aqueous and polar solvents. This oxygen functionality at the surface provides dispersibility similar to graphene oxide, while retaining the conductivity of graphene through the unfunctionalized layers within the platelet. PureGRAPH® is available in a range of lateral sizes from 70 μm down to 5 μm (D50).
A wide variety of applications have been developed, with more emerging every day, proving that graphene is a material of the future. Adding graphene to products enhances the properties and performance of engineered materials and technologies.

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