Lignosulfonate, or lignin, is amongst the most important chemicals used by the concrete admixture industry worldwide. Bisley & Company have been active in the supply of Lignosulfonates for nearly thirty years.

Today Bisley supplies Domsjo Sweden Sodium Lignosulfonate to concrete admixture companies throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Domsjo’s state of the art biorefinery is a world leader in sustainable processing of forest products.

Lignin’s principal role in concrete is water reduction. Domsjo’s lignins, when formulated in a finished admixture, can be used to either improve the workability of the concrete mix (= easier concrete placing, improved consolidation) and/or reduce the water/cement ratio (= enhanced strength, decreased permeability, improved durability).

Domsjo’s DS-10 Na lignin is compatible with a wide range of other concrete additives and raw materials. Concrete admixture companies therefore have flexibility to incorporate the product into increasingly complex, value-added multi-component formulations, precisely tailored to specific applications.

In such admixtures, lignin becomes an important part of a complete High Performance Concrete strategy which may, for example, also involve Naphthalene Sulphonate, Silica Fume, Fly Ash, Slag or chemical corrosion inhibitors.

In addition to sodium lignin for concrete, Bisley & Co supplies lignins for a range of other technical applications. These include soil stabilisation, dust suppression, ceramics, carbon black manufacture, dyestuffs, wettable powders (eg: pesticides / fungicides for agriculture), chelation of micro-nutrients for fertilisers, water reduction in plasterboard manufacture, pellet binding, and oilwell drilling muds.