Xeolith (TM) Lithium Carbonate
Tech Grade & Battery Grade

Bisley has been active in lithium markets for over 30 years. We hold stocks of key Lithium compounds such as Lithium Carbonate Tech Grade in our warehouses around Australia, and in selected Bisley locations offshore. A large variety of specialty Lithium compounds are available to order, including products such as Lithium Silicate and Lithium Chloride

Cementitious Systems

Bisley & Company market Lithium Compounds to the concrete admixture, drymix, shot-crete and flooring compound industries in Australia, New Zealand, North America, the Middle East and Asia. The lithium ion ( Li+ , in several forms) is capable of suppressing deleterious Alkali Silica Reactivity (ASR), which is a major concrete durability issue in many parts of the world. More information on Lithium use in ASR prevention is available on the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway & Transport Officials) website.

Lithium Carbonate and Li Hydroxide are used as accelerators in specialised concrete applications. Lithium Carbonate-based chemical admixtures can be used to adjust and accelerate the setting time of high-alumina cements (HAC) and alumina-portland cement blends. Its fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution assure controllable, uniform and predictable rates of reaction.

Lithium admixtures can be either aqueous (such as Lithium Nitrate solution) or in powder form, such as Lithium Carbonate.

Lithium carbonate is a widely used lithium compound, with applications in batteries, carbon dioxide detection, adhesives, aluminium and glass/ ceramic production. Bisley suplies lithium carbonate in many different finenesses and particle sizes.

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