Metakaolin is a highly reactive pozzolan with a fine particle size. This unique material is derived from the thermal activation of high-purity kaolin clay, processed within a carefully controlled temperature range. The result is a versatile product that offers various benefits to concrete and other Portland cement based materials.

Application in Construction:

When incorporated into concrete mixes and other Portland cement based materials,  Metakaolin reacts with the calcium hydroxide of Portland cement at room temperature and forms calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H) gel which increases the density of concrete and other cement based material by reducing porosity. As a consequence, the overall strength and durability are significantly improved. Additionally, the inclusion of this metakaolin helps mitigate issues such as efflorescence and alkali-silica reactions, thereby enhancing the long-term performance of cement-based structures. Furthermore, the material contributes to the increased resistance to corrosion, bolstering its longevity and structural integrity.

The versatility of Bisley Metakaolin is evident in its use within the ceramic industry and as a partial replacement for cement in concrete production. Whether in tile adhesives, grouts, pre-cast concrete, high-performance concrete, construction grouts, or cement-based mortars, Snowcano Metakaolin finds wide application due to its outstanding characteristics and contributions to the material’s overall quality and performance.

Other Applications

The applications of Metakaolin span beyond concrete-related industries. In paints and coatings, it serves a dual role as both a pigment and a functional extender. Moreover, in the production of PVC cable sheathing, this metakaolin functions as an acid scavenger and insulating additive, enhancing the cable’s performance and properties.

In summary, Bisley source of Metakaolin is a premium product derived from kaolin clay through controlled thermal activation. Its incorporation into various materials, especially concrete, results in enhanced strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Beyond the construction sector, it proves valuable in paints, coatings, PVC cable sheathing, ceramics, and other applications, demonstrating its exceptional adaptability and utility across different industries.

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