Hollow Ceramic Microspheres (Cenospheres)

Hollow Ceramic Microspheres, also known as Cenospheres, are thin walled hollow ceramic spheres with a diversity of applications. Composed principally of silica and alumina, and sized typically below 300 microns, Microspheres are characterised by:

  • Low Bulk Density
  • High Melting Point
  • High Strength
  • Uniform Sphericity

In cementitious systems, sealants, and putties Microspheres can be used to modify rheology, reduce weight and shrinkage and improve thermal insulation. In composites and other polymer applications, Microspheres reduce resin demand, and improve impact resistance and strength.

Specialised Microsphere grades are available for rigorous application conditions in Refractories and Surface Coatings.

Applications for Microspheres are numerous. Some of these include Plastics and gel-coats and used in Polyurethane, Latex Emulsions, PVC, Epoxy Resins & Unsaturated Polyester Resins. In the cementitious products sector they are used in dry-mix adhesives, mortars, jointing compounds, and oil-well cements.